The drama and heat of this book pick up from the very first chapter where Aleshia, an agent representing her race of lion/tiger  based immortals, is trying desperately to avoid being banished from the Organization, a group which she founded more than a hundred years ago.

Quickly, Aleshia and a handful of others in her race find themselves excommunicated from their previous lives and homes. With the pressure of an army breathing down her neck, Aleshia must lead her group of gifted warrior-based immortals toward safety, and into a new age of honesty concerning the past, of strength to live through the present, and of integrity and determination to shape the future. By mixing action, drama, and technology into a piece of work more than a year in the making, The Immortal Chronicles takes you, the reader, on an adventure of ups, downs, and all-arounds in this heart-pounding, gut-wrenching adventure to find the truth.

So take a leap, read a chapter, and try not to get too addicted 😉 Comments are welcomed and encouraged as you read. Hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I have.

Kyle Writtenword.

Update 5/14/2012: If you like the header photo or the b/g photo ( they are the same, lol, titled Blue Fire) then you like the work of pretty-peaches on deviantart. To see more of her work click here.

TIC Ch. I            TIC Ch. II           TIC Ch. III          TIC Ch. IV

TIC Ch.  V          TIC Ch. VI          TIC Ch. VII         TIC Ch. VIII

TIC Ch. IX         TIC Ch. X            TIC Ch. XI           TIC Ch. XII

TIC Ch. XIII      TIC Ch. XIV       TIC Ch. XV          TIC Ch. XVI

TIC Ch. XVII     TIC Ch. XVIII    TIC Ch. XIX        TIC Ch. XX

TIC Ch. XXI       TIC Ch. XXII     TIC Ch. XXIII

TIC Protected Scene


One comment on “Index

  1. Arden says:

    Nice job. Hit me up some time and I’ll give you the rigamarole we writers take great pleasure in sharing; namely, critique.

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